Scottish comedian Danny Bhoy is back in Perth with a brand new hour long show titled Age of Fools

Australia has always been special to Bhoy with him making his first ever television appearance on Rove Live back in 2003.

The success he has had on Australian shores has certainly propelled his stand-up career and Bhoy looks fondly over his many gigs here.

“I’m very grateful to the crowds I’ve had in Australia over the years.”

Since the television appearances, his career has taken off and Bhoy has toured London, the Stats and been a big part of his home town’s own Edinburgh Comedy Festival.

Bhoy’s Age of Foolstackles all the insanity of the world today, from Trump to Brexit. With all the absurdity going on globally, there is certainly plenty of inspiration to draw on.

Bhoy’s favourite place to perform outside of his home town is Australia and he finds his sense of humour translates smoothly across the two cultures.  

“I think Australia and Scotland are quite similar in terms of sense of humour, which is quite amazing really when you consider how far apart we are.”

The reaction from the Australian public is always intriguing to Bhoy but he enjoys the connection he has built with audiences around the country.

“When someone comes up to me and says I saw you back in 2006 it makes me feel old but it also makes me realise how much my comedy has meant to people.”

He loves to perform at the Melbourne Comedy Festival and Fringe Festivals around the nation and enjoys the impact he has on the crowd.

“You’re leaving behind a kind of memory in each place of people having a good night and remembering certain routines or things you said.”

Bhoy recorded a comedy special at the Sydney Opera House in 2007 but his favourite memory of Australia is a lot less spectacular than that.

“In 2007 I did a full on regional tour, I thought If I want to get to know this country that I’ve fallen in love with I want to see everything. I went to all the heartlands, to Nauru, Orange, Bendigo, Ballarat, Pachuca and others.”

It was an exhausting tour and went for several months.

“I think my mom thought I had emigrated.”

The tour opened Bhoy’s eyes to the real Australia and drew him even closer to the country.

“I remember sitting out on verandas on a beautiful clear night having done a show, drinking a beer, proper Australian Kangaroos jumping out in front of me and being attacked by mosquitos. I got to know people and got to know this country.”

Bhoy relished the genuine authentic Australian experience. 

“That to me is my best memory of Australia.”

Danny Bhoy is performing Age of Fools at the Astor Theatre until 9 March. Tickets are available online.    



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