With a pop-up bar, manned by swinging, buff, semi-clad bartenders, Club Swizzle has steamed up Roe Street’s erstwhile Peter’s Ice Cream Factory.

In 1929, it was where workers toiled to produce the frosty confectionary.



Now it’s where you’ll see strapping acrobats swinging from the rafters, twisting legs akimbo in hoops and hot action on stage in what’s set to be one of Fringe World’s highlights.

The Starfish popped in to check out Club Swizzle’s rehearsal, arriving just in time to see a pork pie-hatted hoofer crashing off the stage during some “teething problems.”

But the show must go on – it always does – and he boinged back like a springbok, resuming his vaudeville soft-shoe shuffle to a rapturous applause from the usually indifferent news hacks.



Meanwhile, down the end of the bar, a flapper in a pink dress did a little ragtime and made the most out of a bursting bottle of bubbles.

Despite also watching a few hoops collapsing – Club Fizzog? – we wandered out, impressed and looking forward to the show.



A very tall man with eyelashes that’d shame an atlas moth, tux, high heels, glitter-spangled lipstick and a honey voice crooned his way up and down the Swizzle bar like a cross between Quentin Crisp and Peter Allen.

A Mexican woman, wearing very little to disguise her assets, did the splits and twirled around above us in a hoop, contorting her body into suggestive positions – a kind of aerial pole dancing in the round.


And we met Amy, a lanky Liza Minnelli lookalike on roller-skates who promises to do incredible things with her “three orifii”. The mind boggles.



“Believe it or not, I was once painfully shy,” she told us.

Hard to imagine, as she then detailed her ability to belt out a ditty on a kazoo “with my fanny.”



Club Swizzle has it all – it’s camp, naughty, risqué, acrobatic and will put a smile on your dial. Forget Peter’s cone: this is the cream!

Club Swizzle runs until 25 February. For more info and tickets to the show visit www.fringeworld.com.au.




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