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The Wicked King by Holly Black

Jude knows the dangers of living in Faerie.

She knows to wear rowan berries to avoid enchantments and to turn her stocking inside out so she shan’t be led astray.

She knows how they can deceive truths so much worse than liars. She knows she mustn’t eat the faerie fruit.

After having bound the faerie king to her will to protect her younger brother, Jude must do everything in her power to keep herself and her loved ones safe.



When the news breaks that someone close to her means to betray her, Jude must uncover the truth whilst unravelling her own complicated feelings for the king, in order to maintain balance in the court that is vying for the power, none of them knowing it is she who really holds it all.

In the thrilling sequel to ‘The Cruel Prince’, Holly Black’s ‘The Wicked King’ continues on the story of Jude, a mortal girl caught up in hidden land of Faerie.


It tells a tale with well-developed characters and relationships, as well as a beautifully constructed world built in a way that’s compelling and magical, all at once.


Author Holly Black


With beautiful writing, Holly Black manages to completely capture the imagination, creating the wild and wonderful scape of Faerie in the reader’s mind.

The enticing plot moves swiftly from chapter to chapter, and leaves incredible suspense for the third book.

I would recommend this book for ages 14 and above. It contains some mature themes, but would be thoroughly enjoyed by lovers of fantasy, teenagers and adults alike.



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