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Author Veronica Roth

Veronica Roth, the best-selling author of Divergent, dives further into what our future could look like in her captivating collection of short stories The End and Other Beginnings.

The six short stories each enrapture the audience in their unique setting and engaging characters, telling real, human stories, which bring the characters close to the reader, despite the bridges of settings and times between these tales.

Inertia tells the story of a final conversation between two dear friends, enabled by their future’s modern technology to have a heart-breaking confrontation, even when at death’s doorstep.

The Spinnersfollows Atleigh Kent, a bounty hunter, as she tracks and kills leeches—a predatory extra-terrestrial race that illegally absorbs human host bodies. Atleigh is relentless in her search for revenge, but her tenuous relationship with her sister puts the hunting on hold, just for a moment.

In Harkeners, a beautiful world is imagined where each person’s life can be recorded as song, a symphony of voices and instruments intertwining for music truly unique to each person. But with each life comes a death, which Darya discovers makes music as devastating as it is beautiful.

Vim and Vigorexplores how the complexities of friendship and adolescence exist even in a world aided by decision-making technology – and the consequences of its misuse. Friends must find their way to each other again and try to bridge left between them by a veritable chasm of grief.

The true meaning of strength is tested in Armored ones, as two different characters find themselves facing both their craziest wants, and deepest fears.

The Transformationist shows that the bonds of family are not the only ones that matter, and that anyone can escape their darkness to find their own, new definition of light.

The wonderful thing about this collection of stories is that they are all perfectly substantial on their own, but collected together show such a wide variety of human experiences that the reader can easily identify themselves with an aspect of the story. The settings are phenomenally imaginative and the different plots unique and engaging.

I would recommend this for readers aged 13 and above. Teens and adults alike can enjoy this book and the different themes it offers.



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