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Book: My Name is Not Peaseblossom   Author: Jackie French

Balancing two different sides of life can be difficult.

Peaseblossom – who would rather be known simply as Pete – certainly finds this to be the case, and he struggles with the balance between his duty as a fairy in Queen Titania’s Court and the much more ordinary aspects to his life.

Pete likes to enjoy his life, but that does often mean eating pizza instead of elderberries, or wearing denim rather than daffodils.

This is not Shakespeare’s delightful comedy as most would recognise it, but has an added army of Amazons, a sea serpent and the threat of vampires – and is every bit as amusing as the original.

Jackie French has managed to enhance all the best aspects of Shakespeare’s much-loved comedy, A Midsummer Night’s Dream to create a thoroughly enjoyable story.

She retells the story with endearing characters and engaging scenes, while simplifying the language and plot of the original in order to be enjoyed by a wider range of audiences.

Author Jackie French

It is not necessary for readers to have first read Shakespeare’s classic, but an extra layer of enjoyment may be added with a deeper understanding of the original story.

I would recommend this book to readers aged 12 and above, for day-to-day readers, and Shakespeare-enthusiasts alike.



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