Alexandra’s Choice

Drawn Onward

Author: Meg McKinlay

Illustrations: Andrew Frazer

Publisher: Fremantle Press

Drawn Onward, a back to front to back tale of hopelessness and hope, is a book filled to the brim with beautiful illustrations and inspiring penmanship.

Drawn Onward is a book exploring inner voices and the shifting of perspectives to show that with just a slight change of words, anything can be turned on its top.

Where it starts in sombre moods and colours, the middle serves as a reflection which has the second half of the text slowly lightening into a joyful, shining message.


Author Meg McKinlay and Illustrator Andrew Frazer at Collins Booksellers, Cottesloe, where their book is available


The book allows readers of all ages alike to marvel at the intricacy in which the palindrome of messages incorporates a very interesting take on the ‘glass half empty, glass half full’ idea.

I found Drawn Onward to be an inspiring book. With the beautifully written words that twist from page to page and fonts and drawings of equal intricacy, the book is an experience to read from cover to cover.

I would recommend this for people of any age, as I think it would be just as good a read for an adult as it would be for a child being read aloud to by a parent.



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