Flight Risk by Michael McGuire

Ted Anderson used to be the kind of guy who knew his place in the world.

But after he is disgraced as a pilot, he feels out of synch. He is not the only one who is lost. He takes a job working for a top-secret government organisation set up to investigate terror-related incidents.

Then, when three commercial aeroplanes go missing without a trace, this curious and brave man does not sit idle.

He is working towards uncovering some semblance of the truth for a panic-stricken world, when he gets a feeling.

The airport is empty, there’s one plane leaving, and Ted has a premonition. But what is he to do? He does the unthinkable – and gets on a plane doomed for a disaster.

I found Flight Risk to be a thoroughly thrilling and entertaining book. As each chapter unfolded, and each piece of the plot thickened, I was amazed by the build of knuckle-biting tension throughout the novel.

Author Michael McGuire

Ted is an engaging protagonist, though some of his actions may frustrate or confuse the reader. All is revealed in a twist that will leave you at the edge of your seat.

I would recommend this book for young adult and adult readers. It’s a captivating story which leaves you with fright, echoing within even after you turn the final page.



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