Bert “The Machine” Kreischer is touring Australia this month, playing the Astor Theatre in Perth on June 26.

The Los Angeles comedian is known for his party animal ways. Onstage, he tells hilarious stories of debauchery and craziness, shirtless throughout his entire set.

Kreischer’s Body Shots World Tour comes off a successful stand-up special on Netflix and he has also gained major popularity through the podcasting world.

Kreischer performed in Australia back in 2017, but the tour’s demands left him with very little free time to spare in each city.

“I loved it. It was really fast though. I was flying and performing every day. I feel like I didn’t see anything.

“This tour, I’m doing much more time in each city, with 3 days off in every city.”

The Perth itinerary is already full and he told the Starfish what else he has on his WA agenda.

“I’m going to the nude beach, and doing the Pinnacles hike.”

There is also guaranteed to be a lot of partying; Kreischer was voted number one party animal in the country by Rolling Stone in 1997.

He continues to live up to that reputation and loves drinking and chatting with fans after shows.

“If I didn’t like the partying I wouldn’t do it, but I still like it.”

His nickname “The Machine” came about when he shared a story about how he robbed a train with the Russian mob back in college.

The story was first told on fellow stand-up comedian Joe Rogan’s hugely successful podcast The Joe Rogan Experiencein 2011. It blew up from there.

“I then started telling it on stage. Then the next weekend the crowd was chanting “The Machine.”

It helped catapult his stand-up career while also going viral online.

“Telling that story on Joe Rogan changed my life.”

Kreischer has made a lot of television appearances throughout his career, hosting shows on the Travel Channel and some out there reality shows like the aptly named Hurt Bert.

“I’ve done everything there is to do on television. I’ve done Sky diving, bungee jumping, base jumping. I fought a bear, swum with sharks and fought an MMA fighter.”

Kreischer has gained much of his huge international following through his regular appearances on popular podcasts.

These include close friends Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky Your Mom’s House  and several other Los Angeles comedians’ podcasts along with The Joe Rogan Experience.

Kreischer is well aware of the impact this exposure has had on his shining career and he often reflects on these sliding doors moments. 

“What if I had never gotten onto a podcast? I’m super grateful that my best friends happen to be the guys that all got in to podcasting.”

The Machine will be performing at the Astor Theatre 26 June with shows at 7 pm and 9.30 pm.

Tickets are still available online at   



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